Learn more about Rubies Africa

Hello beautiful people. I’m here today to talk to you about Rubies Africa. Let me go ahead and tell you, I’m breaking the rules today. I know my website is to write about things in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas, but the business behind Rubies Africa is important to me. When I first started on my voice acting journey last year, the founder of Rubies Africa found something in my voice that she needed for her app. While she does not have her business in the DMV or the Carolinas, this Ohio business owner has a product that is … Continue reading Learn more about Rubies Africa

My first modeling gig

July 2, 2021 Dear diary, JK JK! I was acting like Moesha. While this is not quite a diary entry, I think this would be a pretty cool blog post for you all to read. I know in a previous post, I told you all that as a kid, I was always into theatre. I attended an arts school for it and it was my minor in college. Previously, I discussed that I am venturing into voice acting by using platforms like ACX, Backstage, and Upwork. Backstage is a service I pay for. If you are interested in using Backstage, … Continue reading My first modeling gig