Black owned business is new source for Black businesses, professionals

Barter Black, a new tech start-up company creating a platform to help Black businesses barter services with other Black professionals across the nation, needs your help for their crowdfunding campaign that ends Aug. 3, 2021. 

Barter Black is a bartering platform that will make it easy for Black-owned businesses to get the goods and services they need for their business by exchanging with each other without using money. 

Barter Black’s CEO, Nicole J. Murphy created it because as a small business owner, she saw that many black businesses were operating on limited resources with unfavorable policies and procedures when attempting to get funding from banks. 

On June 19th, they kicked off their crowdfunding campaign with the goal of reaching $25,000 to assist with the cost associated with launching the website and app in late fall 2021. 

“We are reaching out to our community to assist us in making the launch of Barter Black possible through our crowdfunding campaign,” said Stacey Pompey, Chief Marketing Officer at Barter Black. “Black-owned businesses are more likely to seek, but less likely to receive outside funding and with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, this has made things worse for black entrepreneurs.” 

Murphy noticed that black entrepreneurs will go into debt to maintain their business and operate their business without the goods and services needed, which may slow down a business’s operations, and many Black Entrepreneurs lack the community that fosters growth and prosperity. 

“Already working on limited resources and in a business environment with unfavorable policies and conditions, there is a need to help black entrepreneurs cut costs whenever possible,” Nicole said. “By using Barter Black, entrepreneurs can free up monetary resources to be rechanneled to other vital parts of their business operations.” 

The platform is a subscription-based business model targeted specifically towards 

Black entrepreneurs. 

Barter Black is for individuals that have professional skills and products, people building a Black-owned business, and individuals working within a budget and are open to other forms of transactions outside of money. 

For example, if a bakery was a black-owned small business, they could get a plan with Barter Black. If they are in search of a website designer for their business, they would use Barter Black to search for one. From there, they use the site or app to post what they are looking for in a website designer. 

From there, the website designer who uses the platform will respond back to the posting, but would offer their services in return for the bakery doing desserts for an upcoming event the website designer may have. 

This interactive video shows how a person can utilize Barter Black. 

Barter Black’s advantages for black businesses are: 

  • Access to a growing network of black professionals
  • Users can cut costs
  • Get the services you need without exchanging money

“Our mission is to grow black-owned businesses without money being the main factor,” Nicole said. “We will achieve this as we aim to create a platform for black entrepreneurs to get the goods and services they need without the consideration of money.”

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