Trading entrepreneur helps everyday person learn options trading

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA — Joshua Griffin, event planning & equipment rental and options trading entrepreneur has helped over 200 people learn more about options trading during 2020’s COVID-19.    

Griffin owns and operates Quiet Ordinance LLC and Quiet Options, LLC. Quiet Ordinance is an equipment rental and event planning business. He works with colleges and universities across the country for it. The latter is his options trading classes and group chat.

He does Quiet Options from the freedom of his home through apps on his phone or his laptop – or brokerage accounts like Webull.

Griffin started his options trading journey late 2019.

“I had a couple hundred dollars to play with at the time,” he said. “I really had an interest in the stock market and a good friend of mine introduced me to options trading. I wanted a good place to put my money and he introduced me to it.”

Griffin said he took the information, learned more and ran with it. He lost some money, gained some money, but he perfected his craft and worked on getting better with options trading.

While Griffin could have been selfish with the knowledge he learned, he decided to share options trading with others.

“No matter who you are – there is enough money to go around,” he said.

2020 Pandemic

When the pandemic happened, he a saw a lot of people were out of work and had to stay home. He knew this was an option that they could do at home.

“If they learned this skill, they could have some income where they’re not leaving home and make up their income,” he said. “I want to help out the community.”

He teaches options trading — he does charge– but he said he has fair, low prices. His classes were free in the beginning, but he now charges because he recognized no one wants to waste time or time money. He notices people are more invested when money is involved.

Millennials and Gen-Z

According to a Forbes article, the millennial and Gen-Z population are involved in options trading, even making it their side hustles.

Griffin said why the two populations need to know about options trading.

“They and we [Griffin is considered a millennial] need it because it wasn’t introduced to us by the generation before us,” he said. “Higher learning is often the route the generation before us told us to do. But you can do this without higher learning. You can break your family’s financial generational curse and hand down this knowledge,” Griffin said.

Financial Literacy for Black Community

“I’ve taught over 200 people how to trade, 90% are black,” he said.

He said it is helping them because many were ignorant to the fact that they could afford to do this. They did not know this was an option and have brought in more income than the prior year.

Griffin said some in the black community he has helped do not have a high school education, but this type of financial knowledge allows them to financially succeed without a high school education.

Options Trading Education

For those interested in options trading but are worried he or she may not have the money to do so; Griffin said it is possible.

“What I would recommend first is – educate yourself on this until you have the funds,” he said. “You don’t need tons of money to do it. Educate yourself, create a strategy, be in control, discipline yourself and the better you will be.”

Individuals do not need large accounts to make a profit trading stocks. Small profits can turn into large profits over a period, he said.  

He provided an example where an individual can start off with $100 and may just want to make $30. He said he or she can trade it 30 times for 30 trades and make $900.

“Look at the bigger picture, educate yourself,” he said.

He also said do not believe the hype of people with large returns, but no track record. For this example, it is focused on people who bring in $90,000 or $100,000 a day.

“A lot can factor into large returns,” he said. “Depending on your timing – you may be able to put a little in and get a lot of money. Sometimes the more you put in – the bigger your return on investment.”

He said it may depend on the options contract the individual has. An options contract grants someone the right, but not obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset at a set price on or before a certain date.

He voiced that it may seem like people are earning $90,000 a day, but they may have put in $20,000 or $30,000 on that contract for that large of a return.

He advises others to understand the market. No one can predict the market and what can happen.

He said it is possible to invest a certain amount of money, leave it there overtime and the stock can grow.

Griffin provided an example of when he should have held a contract longer. March of 2020, he bought a Tesla contract for $3,000. He saw the information surrounded by Tesla, he figured he would hold the contract for a year for a larger return. Well, he didn’t hold it for a year, sold it, gained some money, but by the end of 2020 that contract was worth $100,000.

He understands he lost out on that one, but he said that is why it is important to pay attention to the market and be strategic on when selling a contract.

Individuals interested in his Quiet Options trading, there is a group chat where people can take his class or see the various signals he posts for trading. The group chat is a monthly subscription of $85 a month, but he says people usually make that $85 back in the market.

As far as his classes, he said he keeps them cool, energetic and fun. He tells people do not be afraid to ask questions. The class is usually two and a half hours long, he repeats himself often and he keeps your attention.

He has helped people from all walks of life – from the recently furloughed to nurses to the person with a high school education.

“If I changed one person’s life, I did my job,” he said.

For more information, follow him on Instagram or email him at