Women’s life coach provides tools to clarify one’s vision, dream

NORTHERN VIRGINIA —  Rajika Mahan is a life coach with several programs and workshops to ensure women take pride, clarify and define their visions and dreams to refocus different areas of their life.

Her programs include Working with the Law (understanding the 11 universal laws), Life Mastery (developing and mastering six areas of life), the Dream Builder Course and more.

Drawn to Coaching

“The reason why I was drawn to becoming a Dream Builder Coach is because I had put off so many things in my life,” she said. “I focused on my kids, my husband’s career first. Once I was clear on what I wanted for my dream and passion, I realized it was possible for myself.”

She said before becoming a Dream Builder Coach, she was looking at an area of her life she wasn’t happy about. She said the first step was getting clear on what she wanted, she wrote out her own vision of a life she would desire most, she found that the Dream Builder Program provided the clarity, structure and transformational tools that were taught in the program provided the missing link for her. 

She did find one and said the structure was tested and proven for over 40 years. She received peace and validation that people had gotten results from this program in many different areas of their lives. She said the tools were there to do what she wanted for herself.

Women Empowerment

She said women empowerment is important to her because growing up in India, she saw women treated like second class citizens. She said her mom was a divorced, single mom in India where it was present but frowned upon.

“Now that I am older, I see how important it is for us to support and really build women – regardless of their circumstance or culture – and not oppress them,” she said.

She said women should not feel ashamed to go to school and be what they want to be.

She said her mom was beating odds by raising her two kids – Mahan and her brother.  While there was help from a grandmother, Mahan said her grandmother was another strong woman who started as a bank clerk and worked her way up to be a branch manager.

“For me, as I reflect, that is a damn good thing to see,” she said.

Dream Builder Course

The course focuses on four areas of life – health, love and relationships, career and money freedom.

This is a beginner course her clients can take. Audio lessons and journaling is important to this course.

She said the audios are lessons, teachings and transformation tools and understanding on how the subconscious mind works.

“These are the stories we’re carrying around that is a “blind spot” that we cannot uncover for ourselves,” she said. 

Mahan explained this is where clients get in the process of creating a dream, goal, or something that they can fall more in love with.

In her course, the clients receive journals with prompts. The prompts are in alignment with the lesson she is teaching.

“The prompts reinforce the lessons you listened to and the transformation tools deepen that understanding,” she said. “It allows understanding of concepts. We have so much on our mind, navigating through different journeys. Journaling allows you to put your thoughts down on paper. It’s a different experience when we take down what is in our head and put it to paper.”

Secondly, journaling is important because as her clients create the vision to their dream, they read so they can connect with their Vision. Mahan said as her clients read their vision, they become more connected and have a “vibrational match” to their dream or vision.

She said journaling allows them to put down their feelings and experiences or what they want to feel or experience. She said that is why a lot of people do vision boards. It is the subconscious mind connecting to those photos and attracting more of what they want.   

“For example, you may have a vision to have a deepened relationship with a partner, but why do you want to do that? What will you be doing or feeling while you are in that deeper relationship?” she said.  

Asking questions like that one and coming up with solutions allows that vision to come to fruition, she said.

There are four stages in the program: blueprinting, building, bridging, and becoming.

She explained blueprinting helps the clients clarify what they would like to create. While building is where they take the steps of alignment with their dream. As for bridging, its taking action steps that are in alignment that moves them in the direction of their vision. The final stage — becoming — is where students learn who they Become in the process. It is how they grow; their awareness grows.


When the women leave Mahan’s coaching, they have clarity on their Vision.  They are living a Vision Driven Life and not living by default.

“They create these results in any area of their life. They learn the art and science of creating results,” she said. “The coaching helps them step beyond what they are currently working on.”

She continued:

“As you work on one area of life, the other areas in your life have more clarity,” she said.

One-on-One Session vs. Group Session

She offers group and one-on-one sessions. She understands people have different comfort levels and choose based on how they open to others. She said it is the same materials and lessons.

Her clients are in California, Boston, Ohio and Virginia.

Visit her website for more information.