Travel Savings Ambassador helps everyday people obtain their travel dreams

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA – Malikah Greene with Dream by Mal –under Ibüümerang — helps people with their travel dreams as they get a 5-star experience on a 3-star budget.

Ibüümerang (pronounced I-Boom-erang) focuses on giving back. The idea is, “If I give out good, good will come back to me” – like a boomerang always comes back.

What this means is TSAs make a commission when a customer saves money using the free travel savings site.

Greene’s Dream by Mal is through Ibüümerang. She is known as a Travel Savings Ambassador. In this role, she is her own boss, but she helps and shows others how to save money on their travel.

She assists people with booking their travel or creating an itinerary for it. This includes vacations, but also food festivals or entertainment events.

“People can use this website to book and do price comparisons to other travel sites and see the lower price in real-time,” Greene said. “I couldn’t believe it at first until I booked on the website and then viewed other travel sites at the moment to see if the rates were still there.”

She said the price comparison is right in front of the customer, they will not be sent to a new website.

The Steps

Firstly, if a person is interested in booking with Dream by Mal, they have to contact Greene via Dream by Mal’s Facebook Business Page or email her.

Second, they will get a link from her to get an access code for their personal traveling savings site.

In the third step, they will enter their info – including information on the place they wish to travel to and what they want to do.

She said hotels and car rentals will have discounts, but she said flights do not always have discounts.

Because activities can populate on the website, she said a customer can see a restaurant where they can get food discounts. Not all restaurants are on there, but a customer may be able to try something new.

“A lot of people are scared of trying new stuff and don’t want to waste their money,” Greene said. “If they book through this site and happen not to like it, they may not feel bad wasting their money on it because it doesn’t cost too much.”

The TSA may also get a greater discount for the customer. For example, a customer may find a deal at 50% off public prices. While a TSA may find that same booking for 70% off the public price.


There is a free membership that makes a person a customer. That is where the customer gets the personal site Greene discussed and they can use it whenever they want at no charge.

There is a paid membership too. Once a customer pays the monthly membership fee, they are no longer a customer but a TSA. A customer can only use the site whereas the paid membership allows the person to become a business owner.

More Travel Help

Greene explained that often customers want to travel and don’t know where to go. All they know is they have a certain amount of time to allocate for vacation for different dates. She said based on those dates and what the customer likes to do; she can book travel for them.

The Travel Dream

“I named it Dream by Mal because I do the research to make people’s travel dreams come true,” she said.

As a Travel Savings Ambassador, her dreams have come true too.  

Greene was born in December and she said people associate her birthday with cold weather or Christmas, not her birthday. She said she always loved summer. As a kid, she wanted her birthday in the tropics, and she has done it. A few years ago, she went to Ochos Rios, Jamaica for her December birthday.

The Travel Bug

For those wondering more about Greene, she said her traveling days as a kid were minimal. Her family would do one or two trips a year up and down the east coast. The trips usually consisted of her family visiting family.

Greene said her first train experience was when she was in college. She was in college and needed to take a train to get home.

Her first flight, however, was a game-changer for her.

At the time she had an internship in D.C. and had to get home for a family reunion.

“It was so cool!” Greene said. “The takeoff and the window seat gave such a good first impression; it made me want to be a flight attendant.”

While being a flight attendant didn’t happen, the spark from the flight was there.

She said it helped her become a travel agent.

Greene had a corporate job at the time and free time after work. She wanted to travel and thoroughly enjoyed researching different destinations. She loved creating the itinerary for diverse trips with friends.

She said not only was she good at researching great places to go and things to do, but she also does well with planning and organizing the payment dates for trips.

“I used what I liked and monetized it,” she said.

Her friend introduced her to Ibüümerang because it allowed her to be an agent, get discounts and travel. Traveling has been something she has done often, and she said it made sense to join Ibüümerang.

She said she always heard people say one should find a passion and let it make money for oneself.

She said even if people don’t book through her, it is still fun for her to explore and find new knowledge in a different place or event.

For more information, contact her here.

Malikah Greene – Travel Savings Ambassador.