West Virginia resident enhances dance career

WEST VIRGINIA — Patricia Capel, a West Virginia resident who is a passionate dancer who travels to teach dance, competes in competitions and awaiting an answer from “America’s Got Talent.”

“America’s Got Talent”

Capel said she is constantly trying new things and she felt like “America’s Got Talent” was new and something she has never done before for dance. 

She described the process for auditioning.

“I can’t really say much about the process because there isn’t a whole lot,” she said. “It’s like any typical business. You fill out an application to audition and they will ask you any questions they need and then you wait.”

She said an individual can stay up to date with their application through the Fox website.

“After that, if you have an audition time (and) you fill out some paperwork and that’s it,” she said. “You show up to your audition and just wait until it’s your turn! Dress for success, come prepared, and that’s about it.”

Capel said her audition was virtual and she will not find out until March 2021 if she can move to the next round.

“I’m remaining humble,” Capel said. “Of course, I’d love to get an email or call saying I’m going to the next round, but if not, I still have plenty of other things to look forward to doing in the future.”

She said she understands thousands of people auditioned for the show, but she is being positive.

“I can’t be too heartbroken if I don’t get to the next round,” she said.  “I just wish whoever does make it to the next round, the best of luck!” 

Early Years

Capel started dancing as a 4-year-old in local dance classes in Purcellville, Virginia. She stayed in local classes on and off until freshman year of high school. She then took dance classes through her school.

During Capel’s junior and senior years of high school, she enrolled at New Hopewell School for the Arts in West Virginia.

“After I graduated, I traveled to New York to attend a dance class with professional choreographers, Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra,” she said.

After being trained by professional dancers, Capel was invited to compete in Transcend Tour. The tour is a big dance convention that is invitation only that travels across the nation. The competition is in March 2021 in Pittsburgh.

Capel said the tour is a three-day event that can potentially get her a chance to travel with Transcend Tour in 2022. She can possibly teach on the 2022 tour instead of competing. To donate, please click here. Donating will assist her in attending the event.

 Being in the arts has always been an integral part of Capel’s life. While in middle and high school, she was also in band, choir, acting and sports.


“It’s hard to explain why I enjoy dance,” Capel said. “There are so many different reasons why I appreciate dance. Not only is it a way to lose weight by exercising, but it’s a way to express yourself. I always like to tell the students that I teach, if you’re upset or angry or sad … dance!”

She encourages them to pick a style, learn or create a choreography and dance.

“Take all that emotion and frustration out on dance,” she said. “That’s the best part about dancing actually. After putting frustration and anger into your dance, it actually ends up creating and being possibly one of the most beautiful pieces you’ve ever had!”

Decade Dance

Capel is not only a dancer, but she also teaches it. She teaches through her business, Decade Dance Academy, under Capel & Company Productions. Capel & Co. Productions is a Limited Liability Production Company for the Arts.

“This means all forms of art like dance, music, photography,” Capel said. “I’m located in Charles Town, West Virginia, but I’m D.C., Maryland, Virginia based.”

Capel sometimes travels to Pennsylvania to teach.

“My staff and I travel for not only Decade Dance Academy, but anything under Capel & Co. Productions,” she said. “Trying to create your own production business isn’t easy and very difficult actually. I started with what I knew best, which was dance. I’ve always dreamt of having my own studio someday.”

She said the name Decade Dance Academy came to her as we were approaching the new decade — 2019 into 2020.

“I added ‘academy’ at the end instead of ‘studio’ because I eventually would like a college-like- academy where you have to pay tuition to get education in arts programs like music theory education, fine arts and theatrical arts,” Capel said.

To learn more about Capel’s business, visit www.capelandcoproductions.com.

Teaching Dance

Capel said she is grateful to say that she is teaching something she has been wanting to do for a while.

“I love teaching dance because it allows me to be creative,” she said. “I get to show other people what I love and why I love it and what dance means to me.”

Her teaching jobs takes her to Pennsylvania and Leesburg, Virginia. She teaches hip hop, adult hip hop/street jazz, adult jazz, contemporary, preballet and strength and conditioning.

“Beginner, intermediate and advance students can expect to learn many things no matter what establishment you choose to take lessons from me,” she said. “I give 110% in all my classes. You come to have fun while also learning vital information about dance. We aren’t there just to learn choreography, but I want you to know why we have such thing as ‘footwork’ or how dance originated. We break down the fundamentals of choreography into lessons like footwork, popping and locking.”

Capel said dancing allows her to not only express how she feels, but she has an opportunity to show others how dancing can be used.

“I also love pushing others to follow their dreams,” she said. “There are many people out there who believe you can’t make a career out of dance. I personally believe there are even more people who believe you can’t make a career out of dance without being wealthy. I someday would like to say I’m living proof that it is possible with hard work and dedication.”

Capel said she is grateful to say that she is teaching something she has been wanting to do for a while.
“I love teaching dance because it allows me to be creative,” she said. “I get to show other people what I love and why I love it and what dance means to me.”

This article was edited by Catrina Francis.