Two Lovers in Paris

Valentine’s Day feels different this year. I am sure all of us are saying that right now.

While my husband and I stayed in today, we see the remnants of yesterday’s sleet outside our window.

Today is a day of lovers. Because of that, I am using today’s post to reminisce about the honeymoon Fred and I took September 2019.

We went to the city known for lovers — Paris, France.

We took the honeymoon six months after our March 2019 wedding. We were originally going to wait until March 2020 but I am glad we did not.

We chose Paris because my dream of a honeymoon in Puerto Rico was ruined because they were still reconstructing after their recent hurricanes.

Fred loved French class in high school and always wanted to go to Paris. I thought why not? Neither of us had been out of the country before.

I am sorry to post this public service announcement, but this needs to be said. Our parents and family members voiced to us this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Paris. My beautiful black people — or other people of other backgrounds — going out of the country should no longer be thought of as a once in a lifetime event. There are too many resources these days that make going out of the country more feasible than in the past. This is not a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Now that the PSA is over, we chose around the time of my birthday for the honeymoon — mid-September.

We found decent round trip airplane flights for September 11. We took the flight after I worked a half day at work, and then we landed in Paris the next day (their time). I can give you the details of the trip later, but I want to voice the romantic stuff we reminisced about.

We went to a chocolate shop, probably dropped three pounds walking up the Arc de Triomphe, and we saw Paris at night.

Fred at the Eiffel Tower and pigeons not far from his feet rummaging for food.

I know our photos probably look photoshopped (Fred’s Android is dope), but we were actually in another country. Fred spoke French a few times we were there. The natives of the area would say, “My English is bad but do xyz.”

Fred and I would walk out the shops and say, “Their English was fine.”

Yes. We went to Château de Versailles (Versaille Palace).

Yes. We ordered a ferry ride, but that ride never happened that night.

Yes. I had the best croissants I have ever had.

No. We did not put a “love lock” on Pont des Arts. There was a strike when we went to the City of Love that week. So we now have to go when we get the chance to go back.

I know at that time Fred and I were in the honeymoon phase of our relationship. However, this Valentine’s Day I must say I love him more than I loved him on our wedding day and during the honeymoon.

Let me close this post with a video I filmed during our honeymoon.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day memories? Did you create new ones this week?


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