What’s happening?

I have not made a blog post in a month.

Please forgive me for the delay. Let’s talk about what has been going on with me.

I have been scheduling interviews and I went on a couple’s trip. For those who know me, you also know I have different side hustles. That has been keeping me busy too. A few of those side hustles may need to slow down soon. đź‘€

We all know journalism is my passion. I have a degree in mass communication and I have to ensure the content I produce has a journalism edge to it. It has not been easy, but I have scheduled interviews in the last four weeks to make sure you learn more about people, places, and things in the Carolinas and the DMV.

It has been interesting finding the news angles to the various stories. You may have saw the recent article on this site (March 28) about Kenneth Atkinson, ticket broker. I chose to interview this businessman because I never heard of a ticket broker. Ticket brokering does not mean being “the plug” for tickets for events.  A ticket broker is any person, firm, or establishment involved in the business of buying or selling tickets of admission to entertainment events.

Speaking of events, let me tell you about this couple’s trip.

Fred and I went to Mill Spring, North Carolina to spend time with my college friends. The two women brought their men and the six of us had a blast in the quiet, quaint town. We took the time to ensure the men had fun, while we caught up on news with each other.

I could not get over how all three of us women were scratching off our goals, creating goals with each other, and now the men in our lives have goals they want to scratch off together too!

The living space we stayed in Mill Spring was gorgeous. It was a three bedroom log cabin that had a room and bathroom on each floor.

We enjoyed the fire pit outside and made s’mores. This was my first time not doing it in the microwave. The toasted marshmallow was better than I thought it would be.

I cannot lie to you. Even though it was tranquil in the area there were some downfalls.

We wanted to do something fun at least one of the days we were there. We figured bowling, zip lining, an escape room, or laser tag. However, we learned quickly all fun things like those items were an hour away in Asheville.

We eventually ended up going to an outlet in Asheville. There were not too many shoppers. We only went to a few stores anyway.

We went bowling afterwards with a Groupon. The six of us received two hours of bowling, shoes included for $50. If you know me, I love using coupons or promotions for saving.

We also felt like we were the only black people in the area. That may not mean much to you, but that meant a lot to us. Perhaps that can be a blog post one of these days.

It was a good time out there. Better than I expected. I just wanted to see my girls.

Now that I have voiced what I have been up to for the last month — what have you been up to?


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