Changes to Everyday Life News in 2022

Beginning February 20, 2022, the founder of Everyday Life News, Katrina Wilson, will charge for certain services.

Sponsored Articles

What are sponsored articles? Have you watched an Instagram or YouTube influencer have a sponsor?

Typically this means an outside business sponsored the influencer with either money or goods to have their product or brand advertised by the influencer.

With sponsored articles, I will be doing something similar.

I will use my journalism integrity to continue to research, interview and write about organizations or people in the DMV and the Carolinas. However, if I write one article for them after February 5, 2022, they will be charged for their second and sequential article after.

I will write a 700-words or less article for the organization. However, the article will have a minimum of 300-words and 1-2 photos. The organization must pay me $85 for this.

The content will say “Sponsored By [name of organization].”

For those that are nonprofits, that is $60 for 700-words or less for a minimum of 300-words.

Travel to Events

Beginning February 20, 2022 for all events where Katrina Wilson has to attend to cover a story there is a $50 travel fee.

For all events where she has to attend the event, interview, take photos or videos for the blog she needs to know 30 days in advance. The $50 is needed at least 30 days in advance. This price is for nonprofits too.

To be explicit, this means if I already ready wrote 1 story for you after Feb. 20, 2022 and this is your second story and I have to travel to your event — that is $85 for the story plus $50 for the travel fee.

Donate Button

There will be a donate button at the end of my articles and blog posts. This donate button is not for you (readers) to donate to the organization listed in the article. It is for you to donate to Everyday Life News where I ensure I keep up with the content you wish to see.

Music Artists

In the future, Katrina will detail requirements for her to write about music artists and music groups.

Flyers and Videos

In the future, Katrina will detail requirements for organizations posting flyers and videos on the site for advertisement.


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