My first modeling gig

July 2, 2021

Dear diary,

JK JK! I was acting like Moesha.

While this is not quite a diary entry, I think this would be a pretty cool blog post for you all to read.

I know in a previous post, I told you all that as a kid, I was always into theatre. I attended an arts school for it and it was my minor in college.

Previously, I discussed that I am venturing into voice acting by using platforms like ACX, Backstage, and Upwork.

Backstage is a service I pay for. If you are interested in using Backstage, I’ll send you a discount link. I usually apply for jobs that are local to the DMV area – D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. I apply for paid gigs and unpaid gigs.

Sometimes I don’t get chosen for either type of gig.

A few weeks ago, I decided to give a community photoshoot in Baltimore a try. I filled out the application on Backstage.

Based on the description of the position, I thought it was a picninc-esque photo shoot with people from different demographics in the photos. Or maybe a photoshoot of different community leaders like police officers, teachers, or nurses.

I was shocked when the coordinator for the photoshoot told me I was selected. I was worried when she asked for my clothing sizes and my measurements. I’ve heard the stories of models getting turned down because of their size. Even though we’re going through a movement where plus-size model are the in-thing — I was still nervous.

After I emailed her my clothing information, she then told me when my call-time would be, what type of clothes to bring, and more information about payment.

I was excited because I wasn’t removed from the project because of my weight.

My call time was 5:30 a.m. and it was nice meeting the other models and the crew members. They told us we were modeling for a Baltimore boutique called Double Dutch Boutique. We were told that a lot of the stills and videos that would be captured that day would be about friends meeting up for fun.

The suitcase I had with me had two outfits that were not needed.

They had two dresses my size that were actually cute.

While the crew set up, the other models and I sat at another table and played a card game to learn more about each other. All of them had been doing this for some time. A few had been doing theatre since they were children — like me.

After the card game, they set breakfast foods in front of us. We had something called “bo-j” — beer and OJ. If you know me, you already know what I’m going to say next — I wasn’t feeling it, but I made it work.

I liked this scenario because I was able to mix a little bit of acting with this. For example, they would tell us a scenario, we would act it out, and they would film or photograph us.

For example, one scenario was we pretended our “friend” came back from the bar and it took him so long to get back to us. So our reactions were captured when our “friend” came back to the table.

For those wondering about hair and makeup — we had to have light makeup on when we arrived. I used my Black Radiance foundation and Carmex. When we needed touchups, we could do so. My teeny weeny afro (a.k.a. twa) did not do well in the heat, but I can tell it looked well in the imagery they captured.

There were several times during the day where I still couldn’t believe I was modeling a product for a local brand. It was like all those years of acting, Barbizon, auditioning, getting turned down — were finally worth it. I texted my husband as I did this shoot and he was in awe too.

A selfie I took of myself in a dress from the boutique.

As for my future with modeling, I’m not sure if I’ll continue to pursue. When I used to do acting auditions as a teen, I would scoff at the models. I used to think their skillset was nothing like an actor’s skillset. I wish I didn’t do that. I have a new respect for them.

Writing is my husband, but acting has always been my side piece. I’m not sure if I’ll actively look for acting gigs, but I will say I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I would definitely work with this crew and models again.

Talk to you soon.

August 8, 2021

Hello all. Here is an update for you. Some of the content is on Double Dutch’s Instagram. Let me know what you think of these.


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