Storytelling app full of African influence will break barriers

Rubies Africa is a new storytelling app — an educational tool for readers of all ages — with visually appealing illustrations and crisp voiceovers.

The founder and creative director of the Rubies Africa app is Titi David Oni.

The App

The Rubies Africa project promotes cultural awareness from an African perspective. It creates a platform that exposes readers to African culture, traditions, tribes and history in a fun and engaging way.

In addition, the project empowers talented African creatives by giving them a digital platform to showcase their writing, illustrating, graphic artistry and narrating talent, while empowering them financially.

“In the next two years, I want to publish more stories on the Rubies Africa App and have more families, schools and organizations around the world adopt the use of the Rubies Africa App,” she said. “The Rubies Africa app is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world since it’s both on the App Store and Play Store. It is currently in use in some schools and organizations in the US, the UK, Nigeria and Ghana.”

The app contains over a dozen stories that are beautifully illustrated. For each story, a person can read the story or hit the option to have the story narrated to them.

Importance of the App

The app is important because the stories and poems on the app expose young readers regardless of their geographic location to African ideologies, culture, traditions and history. The stories and poems create cultural awareness which helps readers learn and appreciate the similarities and differences between African and other non-African cultures.

“This app is not strictly for people of color. This app is for everyone,” Oni said. “Regardless of your race and age, you’re sure to learn something new and be entertained.”

Sponsors and Donors

Rubies Africa is currently looking for sponsors and donations.

“When you partner, donate or become a sponsor of the Rubies Africa project, you are empowering an African creative somewhere around the world and also helping to promote and expose people to the beautiful continent of Africa and her people,” she said.

Oni added that more indigenous African content like African fairytales and African names are needed for more representation on digital platforms.

“That’s a vision you automatically become a part of when you support,” she said.

Stories and poems on the app do not only teach about Africa but also promote virtues like love, hard work, humility, bravery, self-love, kindness and teamwork.

“Values we (as Africans) are happy to pass down from generation to generation,” she said.

Oni is a senior accounting and finance professional at an investment and financial services holding company. Asides from working in finance, she has a passion for several other topics and causes like arts and culture, science and technology, economic and human empowerment, education, children and Africa to mention a few.

For more information visit their website or contact her at on how to donate.


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