Lazy post

I am not sure if this is considered a lazy post or not, but I don’t have a cool compiled list or story for you.

This “lazy” post is a plug for myself. Hopefully, my plug-ins are beneficial to you.

I am an Abella Eyewear Ambassador. This means I get discounted sunglasses and other accessories from them. At #AbellaEyewear, they encourage women to embrace their beauty and confidence and express themselves. I typically enhance my cuteness, post pictures, and post the link where you can get a discount on the sunglasses and other accessories.

I do receive some money when you purcarse from the link, but if you really know me . . . you know I am a giver. When I receive money from your future purchases, the money will not be piling high in my bank account, but will be spent at the small businesses in Virginia and South Carolina. For me, these places are usually hair salons and eateries. Get 30% off your purchase here.

A second thing I want to discuss is related to GetUpside. I use GetUpside when I put gasoline in the car at certain gas stations the app has partnerships. I normally use an Exxon to fuel up. For example, instead of paying $2.21 for a gallon of gas, I am actually paying $2.12 or $2.13 a gallon at a participating location.

Once you download the app and do the necessary details, you start earning money for digital gift cards, money can be sent to your PayPal, or through a check (a fee is associated with a check).

Go ahead and download the app now.

Before you fuel your vehicle, you open the app, claim the gas station that is eligible (so check the address), you gas up, and take a picture of your receipt. The app tells you what items are needed to be on the receipt in order for you to get cash back.

Once you have $10 saved up, you can get a $10 digital gift card from participating businesses like Chili’s, Google Play, Nike, and etc. If you know how to save well, you can cash out at other denominations over the $10.

I have received a few digital gift cards so far and working on my third. Because I play games on my phone so much, a Google Play Card is my best friend.

Also, when you refer a friend and they use your link, you get a few cents added to your account every time they gas up. That gets you closer to a digital gift card as well.

I have already sent the link to a few of you. I already get my few cents from you when you gas up. So tell your friends and family. Remember, with an app like this consistency is key. I have to fuel my car 11 times to hit my $10 mark.

I have now educated (and probably annoyed) you. Hopefully, I’ll have more interesting blog posts next week.

Talk to you soon.


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