Saturday Drives

This blog post is about one of the Saturday excursion’s Fred and I did recently.

I have been in Northern Virginia for two years now, Fred for four years. We are both from Summerville and we love to see what places in our “new” city are similar to home or stark different.

For starters, we gave our car some TLC by going to Dr. Wash in Chantilly. That’s right. Our car was in need of a bath and the inside vacuumed. I have enjoyed Dr. Wash my two years here because they take their time, without taking their time on cleaning our car. Dr. Wash had the car looking brand spanking new and we were hungry. I think I was more hungry than anything.

I wanted a burger, but not our usual Impossible burger from Burger King or Red Robin (yummmmmmmm!). I wanted an Impossible burger from Elevation Burger. We always see Elevation Burger at the Fair Oaks Mall, but we have never ordered from there.

Folks were dining in, but Fred and I wanted to eat in the car.

Side note: I knew Fred was a keeper when I learned he didn’t mind dinner dates in the car circa 2015, 2016.

I ordered an Impossible Burger with one patty, he ordered a Double Elevation Burger (regular double cheeseburger), a coffee milkshake, we shared fries. I wanted a fountain drink, but they said due to COVID that was not allowed.

So we had to choose between water bottles, Snapples, or canned sodas.

I cannot lie to you. I am not sure if I was super hungry or what. But the burger was slamming ya’ll!! It out ranked Red Robin’s Impossible Burger, but not as good as an In-and-Out burger.

The cheese was just right. It was melted without lacking cheesiness. I didn’t choke on it either. The veggies on there tasted like they were fresh from a garden, and the fries were not overly salted.

As far as Fred, he really liked the sauce on his burger. He said the fries were average, but that coffee milkshake was bomb! He said it was everything! It had a French vanilla-esque to it and not a large amount of sugar. The cost of the shake was a decent cost for the size.

Stay tuned for more of my weekend excursions.


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